Our Story

The magical Aegean has been referenced throughout history as the ‘pearl of the Mediterranean’. It is where the Greek islands meet the Turkish Coast. It’s a picturesque area; rugged in its terrain yet rich in its flora and all surrounded by magical Turquoise waters. Food from this area has always relied on what nature has provided. There is no special formula or elaborate recipe – it’s just about simple ingredients, locally caught fish, the purest olive oil, fresh herbs and vegetables, farm raised meats and homemade breads, cheeses and yogurt. True peasant food created in local villages and age-old recipes that have been passed down to generations by grandmothers.

At Mandolin Aegean Bistro we our proud and passionate about the food we grew up eating. We crave the smell of fresh baked bread, roasted lamb, grilled fish, and of course, our mom’s homemade specialties therefore, we’re dedicated to recreating dishes that are simple, rustic and authentic to the villages of Greece and Turkey. Our table is where family and friends can gather, for love, for laughter, for spirited conversation, A place to feed your stomach and your soul.

“Historical rivals we have been but no one can deny the influence we have had had on one another. We have loved and we have fought but we will always share the tastes and sounds of our empires. I long for the day we put the past behind us and share our love and our table together for there is no denying our culture actually is one – the same” -AK

Food and Music bring people together.

Thank you for making our dream come true.

One love,